My beautiful and wonderful family!

My beautiful and wonderful family!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A little tantrum...just a little one...

Alright, so I guess this may happen to every single person at some point or another but today it's happening to me. And may I add a disclaimer to this post: I don't think it attractive at all when people complain about being single, nor am I trying and get sympathy from anyone, I'm just sharing some thoughts that I am having at the moment. Alright now that that's out of the way (oh and this may be a little bit of a different side of the Brittney you know and love, but that's just because I have to get some stuff out too right?!)....

So just recently my brother started dating a really great girl! An amazing girl! I love her to pieces and have known her for a very long time. So the fact that my brother is dating this girl is not a problem, but to be completely honest it has been harder to deal with for my own emotion's sake than I thought it would be. I am so incredibly happy for the both of them to be dating, but I, especially as an older sister, am having a difficult time dealing with the whole "you're dating someone and I'm definitely-not-anywhere-close-to-dating-someone"...thing. Mind you, I'm happy! I really truly am! I'm working on things and reaching goals that are helping me become a better person, and I am truly grateful for that. So this is not the issue

I want a BEST friend. I have friends that I could give this definition to, boys and girls alike...but I haven't had the "best friend" relationship you get to experience when you date someone, in a really long time, and I need that sometimes. Just the sheer fact that you know someone will be there for you when you're excited, when you want to share something silly, and they'll laugh just because they know you so well. To talk about life, dreams, goals, to support one another, and to be the sparkle in their eyes. Those are priceless moments.

Someday it will happen. I know that. And it's ok that it's not right now. There is obviously more for me to do until then and I'm content with that. But I gotta tell ya, watching people that are close to you in relationships, when that's what you want too, is not easy! I have to say that I'm grateful for the gospel! It definitely gives you purpose and feelings of worth and fortification! We can do anything with the Lord and I'm grateful for the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation, and where I fit in with all this amazingness He has created and planned for each of us!

Life really is good! Just had to vent! Hope no one finds offense, none was meant! :) I love you all! :) Keep smilin and "dreamin the dream"! I know I will! :)