My beautiful and wonderful family!

My beautiful and wonderful family!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Babysitting my sweet cousins!

I know I seem to talk about these girls a ton but I just adore them and I had a neat opportunity to babysit them for a few hours while their two older sisters and parents went on a hike. They were too cute! Preston and I had a lot of fun with them!

We started out the morning with Dora!! Bailey was so anxious to be by me, it made my day! She is so sweet and her smile just melts you! She was so happy all day!

Going on a walk

Maggie found a dandelion in grandma's front yard. I thought this was so cute!!

Maggie wanted me to read her a story, "Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see?..." She was trying to guess what each animal would see next. I loved it!

The couch made Bailey's hair staticy and we were laughing so hard at her! She just joined in and laughed with us! Too cute!

We went to the park and played for awhile. It was fun to watch Bailey try and figure out the sand under her feet. It felt weird to her and made me laugh when she tried to figure out what exactly she was walking on. Maggie was loving the slide and all the playground stuff. She wanted a picture with her head between the bars so that's what we did. Every time I took a picture of her she would run over and ask if she could see it. She would laugh every time she saw herself in a picture and say, "That's Maggie! She's so silly!" and then start laughing. I loved it! :)

Maggie on the Panda Bear! Ride him Cowgirl!

Bailey in her swing. She loved this!

Hot Air Balloon!

So I walked out my door a couple Satudays ago and this is what I saw! How often do you see a hot air balloon in your neighborhood? I'd say close to never!! Funny thing about it is that this same hot air balloon is out every weekend and every time I see it makes me want to take a ride in one! I have pretty much decided that within the year that will happen! It was pretty cool to see this so close to my house!

A Fun Week With Great Friends!

What fantastic friends I have! Seriously!! My friend Curtis was down from EAC for his spring break (the week before mine) and we had lots of fun doing all sorts of things that week! We had a lot of fun going to an Asian market and seeing all sorts of interesting things like avocado, purple yam, cheese & corn, green bean, and red bean ice, no thank you!! We played it safe and got mango, but maybe we'll be brave and try something new next time! :) We also went to my grandparents house and talked with them for awhile and had a fun night with them, we went to the musical "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" which was absolutely hilarious!! I would highly recommend it!! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Then I met up with him and our good friend Mary-Anne at the temple after I got off work and we walked around and of course had to get Dairy Queen afterward! It's tradition! Then on Saturday we went to the Ostrich Festival with my best friend Julie. Oh what fun that was!! Then this last Thursday I went to the Cheesecake factory and had amazing dessert with my friend Jillene!! What a doll! Afterward we went to the mall and looked at cute formal dresses and fun jewelry and all that fun stuff that you definitely can't afford as a student!! ;) I had a great time all week with these amazing people and I just love them to death! Happy times!

Curtis and I

Mary-Anne(she is so amazing!)Me, and Curtis

Julie with an ostrich at the "Ostrich Festival"!

Demolition Derby!! I don't know if you even know what this is, but in a sentence it's a bunch of beat up cars that run into each other as hard as they can, trying to defeat each other in order to be the last one standing. We all agreed that we felt a little more redneck after watching that! What a crazy thing!

Julie and I waiting for the demolition derby to start

Curtis, me and Julie at the carnival

Jillene and I after going to Cheesecake Factory


Oh my goodness! This last Tuesday I received a letter from the ASU School of Music and....I DID IT!!!! I am so incredibly thrilled that I made the ASU music program!! I can't even put into words how happy I was when I got that letter!!! There were happy tears shed, I will say that! I have truly been blessed!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sweet Cousins!

OK, I know that I talk about my family all the time, but how can I help it?! We had Sophie's 9th birthday party a couple weeks ago and we had so much fun! I took some cute pics of the girls that I wanted to post. I just love them to pieces! It makes my day when I get to see them!

Sophie- The Birthday Girl!




Mary Kay Fun!

Alright so I said in an earlier post that I had a Mary Kay Party and it was so much fun! Well this last Thursday we had another Mary Kay party and we talked about color and learned how to do different techniques with our make-up and stuff which I really enjoyed! I honestly don't know much about all that so i was excited to expand what little I did know. Some of us did crazy stuff we would never normally try, but others did everyday looks. It was so fun!! We had a great time!

Our lovely consultant Julie is talking to us about one of her fabulous products

Julie, Stacy, and I showin off the new looks. Stacy was trying to be a model...I don't know, she may need some work I think...

Me and my mommy!

Julie and I looking luscious with our lip liner on!

Group pic!

Dressing Gone Awry!

Ha Ha! So today I got up and actually got ready which is amazing for a Thursday because I usually spend all night on Wednesday doing homework or waking up early to finish it up so I have no energy to look cute on Tuesdays or Thursdays. But I was able to get lots of sleep and then get up and actually find a cute outfit and do my hair and everything. Anyway, I left for school a little earlier than normal because I had a few questions for my teacher before class started. Well I pulled into the parking lot and my friend Jillene was just getting ready to walk to class and she saw me so she walked over to where I parked so we could walk to class together. Well I opened my door so I could talk to her while I was gathering my stuff and she all of a sudden stopped talking and started kind of giggling, "Uhhh...Brittney...I think that your shirt is inside out..." WHAT?! Sure enough my shirt was inside out. I started laughing pretty hard and thought, "of course that would happen this morning when I was feeling all good about being ready and stuff...oh my!" anyway, we got a pretty good laugh and then I went a switched it outside in. I was just shaking my head at myself the whole time. I don't think I've done that since elementary school! Ha ha! I love when things like that happen! It makes me just remember that not everything is serious and we can laugh when we do silly things. :)