My beautiful and wonderful family!

My beautiful and wonderful family!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Grand Canyon Vacation

WOW! What a fun vacation! Our family just got back from being at the Grand Canyon and exploring some areas around Flagstaff too. I went with my family and my grandma came with us as well. We had an absolute blast!

We left on Thursday and we went to Mantezuma's Castle and Toozigoot which were Sinagua Indian ruins. They were really super neat! I loved seeing how incredible the ruins were and imagining how these people must have lived. We also hiked Walnut Canyon which also has some Indian ruins we were actually able to go inside of and hike right along side. Walnut Canyon was absolutely beautiful. It was a great hike!




LAVA CAVE HIKE- This was probably one of my most favorite parts of the entire vacation! I LOVED LOVED LOVED hiking this lava river cave! It was seriously amazing!

The light from our flashlights was reflecting off the ceiling and it looked like glitter all over. It was so pretty!

This isn't all that important of a picture except that I couldn't believe how long my hair is!

This is where the lava cave had split off into two tunnels and we went to the right and it came to this point where the ceiling went down really low. I was the only one brave enough to actually crawl through to the other side. It was quite the adventure!

Beautiful Eyes...or at least Eye Brows! :) My mom and I had our eyebrows done at a place called "Just-Stringz" and it was a crazy experience! Anyways, we had fun and were pretty happy with the results.


ELK- When we were leaving the Grand Canyon there were Elk in the road! It was crazy! They were'nt afraid at all! What beautiful animals they are! My dad and I got out to take pictures and they were across the street from us. We soon realized that there were some directly behind us and it scared me half to death! BUt is t was pretty neat to be so close to these huge animals.


{Katie Lane} said...

Hi Brittney, I just stumbled upon your blog and I LOVE these photos of your trip. I have a blog called Traveling the Blogoshpere that I would love to feature you on if you are game :)

Amber Lynn said...

Brittney! That Looks like so much fun! I miss you terribly! I'm coming down in august and I want to see you!!!